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Joseph Eicher - Los Altos History Museum

Via Google, Source:

Via Google, Source:


From the 50's - early 70's Iconic Silicon Valley developer Joseph Eichler teamed up with renown architects to design over 10k affordable open concept homes in the Bay Area that blurred the line between what was outside and indoor. Eichler's homes sold for about $40k in 1960s ($325k after inflation). Today, these homes sell for $1.7m and up. 

Check out the Joseph Eicher exhibit at The Los Altos History Museum from now until October 8 to explore this visionary builder and why his homes are in such high demand a half century later. 

Sky High Real Estate

-James Molinaro is an experienced drone enthusiast, offering free aerial photography and marketing videos to all local agents. 

Drones. -The buzz word of our decade. First they made news for the way they changed foreign policy, and now miniaturized versions otherwise known as Quadcopter's by companies like DJI and 3DR, are changing the marketing game in real estate. In an area known for our world class hotels, food, golf, and especially high-end luxury real estate, the pressure to stand out has become fierce. The San Jose Mercury news recently even published how transformative this tool is for Modern real estate firms to maintain their edge. 

First time homebuyer ? -No need to "fight"

Going viral on Bloomberg this week, Ms. Rivera's experiences first hand what happens when traditional banks, beholden to rigid policy guidelines, create barriers for first time homeowners. Woodbridge Financial on the other hand, is able to place Ms. Rivera's with a mortgage, custom tailored to meet her financial needs. -No fighting, needed!